About Aslite

Aslite Enterprises™ was started in 2002 out of a desire to support people in feeling more valuable.  We focus on supporting businesses create stronger and more meaningful relationships with their clients, customers and patients to increase retention and referrals.

How?  Our Clear Intentions™ cards have unique photographs on the front from all over the world.  And, on the inside of the card, there is an inspirational message on one side and a place for you to offer your own inspiration or special message on the other side.

Our intention is to support you in feeling more valuable by being moved or inspired by the photo and inspirational message.  Then you can offer who you are in a brief written note to your client, customer or patient – whomever is receiving your card – to continue strengthening your relationships with them and potentially inspiring them to action.

Mission & Philosophy

Aslite Mission Statement:

To help people feel more valuable, empower them to believe in their own light and enable them to do that for others.

Aslite Philosophy:

REVEALING Hope & Inspiration ENABLES ACTION which CREATES growth, expansion and passion REVEALING more Hope & Inspiration in an ever uplifting spiral.
“A man is but the product of his thoughts – what he thinks, he becomes.”  – Mohandas Gandhi